OXAB Party and information session this Friday!

November 25, 2013
OXAB party and information session- Friday 29th November (7th week)
Oxford Aid to the Balkans (OXAB) will be having our second information session of the term followed by one of our legendary Balkan themed parties this Friday at St Peters College Bar! We're now looking to recruit for volunteers in Easter and Summer 2014, so at 7.15pm we'll be having a brief and informal talk about what our projects involve and how YOU can get involved. 
This year we will have projects in Albania, Bosnia and Bulgaria. Volunteers usually go for 2 weeks on one of our projects, all of which are accessible by low cost European airlines. Dates are extremely flexible. There is only a £25 one-off volunteering fee, no hidden costs, and no fundraising required!
Afterwards we will also be hosting a BALKAN THEMED PARTY, so we invite everyone (whether you're considering volunteering for OXAB or not) to join us for an evening of food, drink, music and great fun. Experience the delights of Balkan cuisine and sample £1 shots of Bulgaria’s finest spirit - rakija. There is a bar too, so you can also sample all of the regular drinks St Peters College Bar has to offer, including their famous Cross Keys cocktail!

Information session

When: Friday 7th week (29th November)
Where: St Peter’s College Bar
Time: 7.15pm

The OXAB Balkan party will be kicking off from 8pm...
Everyone is welcome and entry is FREE!
Hope to see you there!


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