OXAB is a member of the Balkan 5 charity group. Along with our sister organisations at other UK universities and in Bulgaria, we form a group of similar charities focusing on poverty alleviation in the Balkans.

Our student-run partners:

ICAB: Imperial College Aid to the Balkans 

Intervol: International Volunteering Society, University of Birmingham

Zov UKOXAB’s sister charity helping orphans and disadvantaged children in Bulgaria, mostly in the Veliko Turnovo region. 

In addition, OXAB teams up with NGOs and charities in the Balkans for each of our projects:

TAMAM: Swedish-run NGO in Marquinet, Albania


Dom Kulture, Hrasnica: Community Centre based in Hrasnica, Sarajevo 

World Vision International: A charity running a Kids for Peace program in Kosovo

OXAB is a Rights and Development Ethical Network member of the Oxford Hub

OXAB is a society of the University of Oxford.