Welcome to the website for Oxford Aid to the Balkans (OXAB)!  We provide volunteering opportunities in South Eastern Europe in a variety of projects in Albania, Bosnia and Bulgaria - from community projects and working with children, to teaching English or organising arts and crafts sessions. Students usually go in either Easter or summer. For more information search the website or contact us at oxabinfo@gmail.com.


Oxford Aid to the Balkans (OXAB) is a student-run registered charity which has been volunteering with some of the most disadvantaged children in Europe since 1993. After the original trips to Bosnian refugee camps were a great success, OXAB has expanded to help children in orphanages, community centres and other institutions throughout the Balkans, notably in Albania, Bosnia and Bulgaria. We also provide funding for an increasing number of projects in the region aimed at improving children's lives in the longer term. Through a combination of providing direct aid and sending volunteers in person, OXAB provides a very personal contribution to children's lives in the region.

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Registered charity number 1104190